To book the band, please contact us via this website or call (215) 470-5359 and ask for Jeff.

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Contrary to what some may say, you really don't need a professional event planner or booking agent to book a band. Event planners are very helpful folks for very many things, but they aren't the only ones who can hire entertainment. You also do not need to go with an agency. The Groove Street Orchestra has helped book entertainment for many customers who wanted additional ceremony music or DJ time, and the majority of these clients were ordinary people looking to hire bands, entertainers or vendors for their party.

What to look for: There a few things to consider before you begin wading through the internet looking for the perfect band for your event. Most obviously, ask yourself what type of band do you want to hire? A cover band, jazz band, rock band, or ceremony music? Groove Street can handle those things. Beyond the type of music you want to hear, you also have to think about how big of a band you want. This will depend on how many guests you will be entertaining and where your event is taking place. You don't want the band to outnumber your guests and you need to make sure they have the proper space to perform. It may seem as overly simple but thinking in these basic terms really is a great way to get started.

Negotiating: Groove Street will provide you an up front price quote for what you want at your event. We always recommend contacting more than one performer so that you can get a realistic sense of pricing. Even if you are looking to book a different band, it really helps to price out more than one option. Often clients ask us whether or not it is acceptable to negotiate pricing with their prospective bands. Of course it is! That said, most bands know that if they quote too high of a price the client is going to walk away. Chances are, especially if the band knows that you are contacting other groups for quotes, that their bid is going to be pretty close to market price. Working bands know that these decisions often come down to price. If you like us but we are outside of your price range - just be honest. Usually we can find a way to make it work. Maybe we will play slightly shorter sets or won't bring every single member of the band. There is almost always some room for negotiating.

Booking: So you want to book us and have come to an agreement about pricing. That's it, right? Not quite. Well, if you are happy with a 'handshake agreement' maybe you can call it a day but we strongly recommend that we agree in writing. You will get a saved record of the booking and the options of securely paying your deposits and balances online. We also have an optional contract feature that puts all of the details of your booking in writing. Having a contract will give you peace of mind knowing that we will meet the conditions of your agreement.

Staying in touch: In the weeks or days leading up to your event you may think of a number of things you want to pass on to us. Hopefully you have already discussed most of the bigger points (and have them written into your contract) but inevitably more things will come to you as the event gets closer. While you should feel comfortable contacting us with questions and last second thoughts, keep in mind that you are almost certainly not the only gig we have on the books. We have done this many times before. We are professionals.

Those are the basics. We are always here to help you along the way and are happy to answer any questions you have along the way whether or not you book with us.

To book the band, please contact us via this website or call (215) 470-5359 and ask for Jeff.


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